Process Improvement

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  • Provides the critical thinking skills, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques that enable rapid high-impact transformation and sustainable on-going improvement of business processes;
  • Enables business analysts, subject matter experts and other stakeholders to challenge and disrupt existing business processes – workflows, roles, business policies and procedures, supporting technology and underlying business rules;
  • Integrates best practices from Six Sigma, Lean and TQM into a cohesive framework that business analysts can confidently and immediately apply to business processes across their organization;


  • A proven best-practice roadmap and framework to achieve sustainable transformation and on-going improvement
  • An integrated approach to improving business processes from 360° – The tactical, operational and strategic perspectives
  • To apply a sophisticated toolkit of over 30 specific, proven, practical high impact improvement tactics
  • To utilize the process change continuum to define and validate project mission and process scope
  • To ensure the results are integrated into corporate culture and sustainable over time


  • Lecture handouts, Videos, Group Workshop


  • We have prepared excellent course material that will be presented in English and Urdu.
  • Participants will be given course material as well as videos to be taught later on


  • Course attendance certificate will be awarded at the end of the session.


  • Dr Mutahir is a PhD in Engineering Management. He is PMP and MS in information technology as well. He has over 30 years of experience in training and management. He is the overall in charge of the course curriculum and each course from STC Lahore is approve by him for delivery
Price:6500 RS
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