Defensive Driving Course

LEARNING OUTCOME The Enhancement of the driving skills of a driver to understand, comprehend and deal with emergency situations which occur on all roads. Development of effective car control and [...]

January 20, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Working at Heights and Fall Protection

LEARNING OUTCOME On completion of the course the delegates will be competent to work safely at height with a strong hazard awareness and a sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience of [...]

February 10, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
February 26, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Industrial Ergonomics – Pain free work

LEARNING OUTCOME Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad [...]

February 11, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
February 23, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Circadian Rhythm and Fatigue Management

LEARNING OUTCOME Knowing your own body clock is important. The Circadian Rhythm, also known as the “body clock” is a clock of time measurement that researchers have created in order to display [...]

March 10, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
March 25, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Negotiating Effectively

LEARNING OUTCOMES The strength of your agreements, understandings and relationships can make the difference between success and failure. Weak agreements always break down. They bring nagging [...]

March 16, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
March 30, 2018Faislabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Managing Virtual Team Communications

LEARNING OUTCOME Build and maintain virtual teams to create success Adapt your management approach to meet the needs of virtual operations Maintain team performance through key collaborative [...]

June 06, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
June 19, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Lean Process Improvement

LEARNING OUTCOME Focus your actions on customer requirements Differentiate between value and non-value-adding activities Measure and analyze the efficiency of an existing process Improve the [...]

August 10, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
August 19, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Process Improvement

LEARNING OUTCOME Provides the critical thinking skills, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques that enable rapid high-impact transformation and sustainable on-going improvement of [...]

September 03, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
September 17, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

First Aid Training including CPR

LEARNING OUTCOME You can learn CPR and First Aid quickly and easily with our interactive class. Our course, presented by certified instructors, includes video demonstrations of Adult, Child and [...]

September 12, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
September 29, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
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