Change Management

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Lead and manage change proactively by applying up-to-date change management techniques in your initiatives Take a “big picture” look at the change initiatives you are involved [...]

January 10, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Confined Space Safety

LEARNING OUTCOMES: What’s inside the confined space hazards associated with the inherent nature, structure, contents or condition of the confined space What’s created by the work and other [...]

January 23, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
November 15, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Developing Personal Influence & Impact

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As a result of participating in this workshop, you will be better able to: Influence the people whose help you need to implement the strategy and achieve your objectives Manage [...]

January 29, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
January 23, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Essentials of HSE Training

LEARNING OUTCOME Identify Risks and Evaluate Hazards Use appropriate precautions for specific risks or seek advice on precautions Assist managers in preparing written risk assessments Follow [...]

February 12, 2018Lahore2 Day(s)Register Now!
February 26, 2018Islamabad2 Day(s)Register Now!

Negotiating Effectively

LEARNING OUTCOMES: This workshop provides you with the negotiation skills to deal with business situations – from everyday negotiation situations to more complex deal-making – and to get better [...]

March 07, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Developing Your Creative Thinking

LEARNING OUTCOME Think out of the box Generate new ideas Find creative solutions to difficult challenges Establish a habit of creative thinking Lead for creativity on your team THE COURSE [...]

March 28, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

LEARNING OUTCOME Recognize the benefits of EI to personal development and leadership Understand EI competencies and how to develop them Identify personal strengths/limitations using the Emotional [...]

April 02, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!


LEARNING OUTCOMES: A demonstrated knowledge of contemporary issues relevant to the fire engineering profession Broad understanding of the relevant societal issues Loss risk Management Emergency [...]

April 28, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
June 21, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Managing Virtual Team Communications

LEARNING OUTCOME Build and maintain virtual teams to create success Adapt your management approach to meet the needs of virtual operations Maintain team performance through key collaborative [...]

May 12, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
August 08, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Lean Process Improvement

LEARNING OUTCOME Focus your actions on customer requirements Differentiate between value and non-value-adding activities Measure and analyze the efficiency of an existing process Improve the [...]

July 09, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
October 03, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Circadian Rhythm and Fatigue Management

LEARNING OUTCOME Knowing your own body clock is important. The Circadian Rhythm, also known as the “body clock” is a clock of time measurement that researchers have created in order to display [...]

July 23, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
August 03, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Effective Time Management

LEARNING OUTCOMES: To explore why time management issues arise To improve delegates ability to plan and prioritize their own work To raise awareness of the importance of setting clear goals To [...]

September 06, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
October 17, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Industrial Ergonomics – Pain free work

LEARNING OUTCOME Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad [...]

November 07, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Project Cost Management

LEARNING OUTCOME Project control processes & objectives Cost engineering vs project control Cost control vs cost management Work Breakdown Structures Project Estimating & Accounts [...]

December 08, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
December 24, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!


LEARNING OUTCOME A demonstrated knowledge of contemporary issues relevant to the fire engineering profession Broad understanding of the relevant societal issues Loss risk Management Emergency and [...]

December 10, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
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