Quality And Management Development Courses

Success Through Positive Mental Attitude

LEARNING OUTCOME How to keep your mind on things you want and off from things you do not want Every adversity has the seed of greater benefit The price less gift of the “joy of work” Success is [...]

April 19, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

LEARNING OUTCOME Recognize the benefits of EI to personal development and leadership Understand EI competencies and how to develop them Identify personal strengths/limitations using the Emotional [...]

May 05, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
May 16, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

The Art Of Managing Meetings

LEARNING OUTCOME Learn the practical techniques you need to help perfect the art of conducting effective meetings. Choosing the correct pitch Questioning and listening techniques Summarising and [...]

May 07, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
May 20, 2018Karachi1 Day(s)Register Now!

Managing Sales Performance

LEARNING OUTCOME Identify causes of gaps in selling skills Instantly document real-world performance for accurate assessment of “soft skills” Coach corrective action at the moment of discovery [...]

May 09, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
May 22, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Setting goals for success

LEARNING OUTCOME When done effectively, goal setting can unleash the hope of opportunity and the power of action. Framing organizational imperatives into goals that are meaningful and personally [...]

May 13, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
May 27, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Fundamentals of Successful Selling

LEARNING OUTCOME Apply your skills in a systematic and customer-focused sales process Effectively analyze customer information to set SMART call objectives and call strategies Identify and [...]

June 04, 2018Islamabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
June 17, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Managing Virtual Team Communications

LEARNING OUTCOME Build and maintain virtual teams to create success Adapt your management approach to meet the needs of virtual operations Maintain team performance through key collaborative [...]

June 06, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
June 19, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!

Meeting Leadership Challenges

LEARNING OUTCOME Self-knowledge: define your personal values, assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and discover strategies for sustaining your energy over the long term. Leading [...]

June 09, 2018lAHORE1 Day(s)Register Now!
June 23, 2018iSLAMABAD1 Day(s)Register Now!

5-Day Mini MBA for the Oil and Gas Industry

LEARNING OUTCOME Understand the key parts of the business and how their combination leads to success Understand and appreciate the making and execution of strategy Develop scenarios and calculate [...]

August 03, 2018Lahore5 Day(s)Register Now!

Lean Process Improvement

LEARNING OUTCOME Focus your actions on customer requirements Differentiate between value and non-value-adding activities Measure and analyze the efficiency of an existing process Improve the [...]

August 10, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
August 19, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!

Process Improvement

LEARNING OUTCOME Provides the critical thinking skills, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques that enable rapid high-impact transformation and sustainable on-going improvement of [...]

September 03, 2018Lahore1 Day(s)Register Now!
September 17, 2018Faisalabad1 Day(s)Register Now!
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