Incident Investigation

Incident investigation is a vital process for understanding and preventing incidents, both large and small, which can cause untold and often irrecoverable damage to individual lives, equipment, organizational safety culture, company reputation and profit.

Incident investigation is carried out by global companies to ensure that all levels of incidents, from slips trips and falls to major incidents, are investigated in a structured and standardized way in order to establish the causes of incidents, and to take the necessary preventative steps to stop the same or similar incidents from re-occurring.

By using a proven, robust and structured investigation process such as Loss Causation Model, STC Lahore method of investigations are not only planned, managed and completed in a timely fashion, but produce recommendations and reports that are consistent and of a high quality. This is imperative to the sustained improvement of corporate memory and of internal working practices.

Effective incident investigation helps all levels of employees to improve their own and their company’s safety awareness, understanding of safety, and safety performance. Incidents such as management error or operational failure hold valuable information that Loss Causation Model can unlock. This information can be used to improve future planning and working practices.

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